Jesse Metcalfe

Though he had his start in the soap opera world on "Passions" (NBC, 1999-2008), actor Jesse Metcalfe was catapulted to stardom as the often shirtless teenage gardener John Rowland on the hit series "Desperate Housewives" (ABC, 2004-2012). Virtually overnight, Metcalfe was a star, much to the delight of the show's female fan base. Having been a lead in season one, however, Metcalfe was reduced to recurring status over the course of the next few years, though he continued his rise as the star of the hit comedy, "John Tucker Must Die" (2006). From there, he gained some unwanted attention for a 2007 stint in rehab for alcoholism, starred in the critically maligned box office disaster "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" (2009), and had a leading role on the short-lived procedural "Chase" (NBC, 2010-11). But Metcalfe bounced back as Christopher Ewing on the hit continuation of "Dallas" (TNT, 2012-14), reassuring fans that his rapid rise was no fluke.