Jimmi Simpson

An offbeat presence in films and on television since 2000, character actor Jimmi Simpson gave memorable performances as off-center, occasionally sinister figures in such projects as "Rose Red" (ABC, 2002), "Zodiac" (2006), "The Invention of Lying" (2009) and "Date Night" (2010). Simpson's lanky frame and intense gaze evoked memories of Christopher Walken's early career, and the two actors shared a similar path in terms of their roles, though Simpson's knack for comedy allowed him to work more regularly in that genre - most notably in a recurring role as one of the weird McPoyle brothers on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" (FX, 2005- ). Simpson soon graduated from independent features and television to Hollywood projects like "Date Night" and "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" (2012) and the action-drama "Breakout Kings" (A&E, 2011-12), in which he played a psychologist-turned-convict who aided the law in tracking down escaped prisoners. He stayed true to his roots with smaller, oddball projects like the comedy "Knights of Badassdom" (2013), but his mainstream breakout on "House of Cards" (Netflix 2013- ) underscored his growing popularity as one of the most versatile character actors in the business.