JoAnna Garcia Swisher

Engaging actress JoAnna García's talent for both straight drama and broad comedy allowed her transition successfully from juvenile roles to adult characters in primetime series like "Reba" (The CW, 2001- 07) and "Better With You" (ABC, 2010-11). She began her career in her teenaged years, commuting from her native Florida to Montreal to film the Nickelodeon/YTV series "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" (1990-1996). García soon graduated to guest shots on network television, which led to her long-running stint as Reba McEntire's pregnant daughter on the country star's well-loved sitcom. However, her attempts to land a follow-up series with the same degree of longevity as "Reba" were largely met with failure, as "Welcome to the Captain" (CBS, 2008), "Privileged" (CW, 2008-09), "Better With You" and "Animal Practice" (NBC, 2012) were all short-lived. García kept busy as a supporting player on television and features like "The Internship" (2013) while juggling philanthropic interests and motherhood. Throughout it all, García retained her footing in the entertainment industry as a bright and versatile talent.