JoAnne Sellar

An award-winning producer of music videos for the likes of Elvis Costello, U2, Squeeze and Iggy Pop, JoAnne Sellar received her first feature producing credit for writer-director Richard Stanley's "Hardware" (1990) and reteamed with him as a producer on "Dust Devil" (1993). She then went on to produce (with the director) Clive Barker's supernatural noir "Lord of Illusions" (1995) before sharing producing duties (with Lloyd Levin and John Lyon) on Paul Thomas Anderson's "Boogie Nights" (1997). Sellar and her husband Daniel Lupi went on to produce Anderson's follow-up "Magnolia" (1999) and she served as one of the producers on the Alan Cumming-Jennifer Jason Leigh project "The Anniversary Party" (2001).