Joe Pantoliano

Having transcended a youth of urban poverty, crime and poor academic skills, actor Joe Pantoliano transformed himself into a prominent and prolific character performer who went on to appear in some of Hollywood's biggest films. After knocking around the New York theater scene, Pantoliano broke into television after moving to Los Angeles. Though remaining busy, he took some time to truly establish himself. His moment arrived when he played Guido the Pimp in the Tom Cruise vehicle "Risky Business" (1983), which helped him gain a degree of recognition. From there, he became known for playing low-level crooks and hustlers in movies and on television until he transitioned to the other side of the law with a memorable supporting turn as a deputy U.S. Marshal in "The Fugitive" (1993). Perhaps some of his more acclaimed roles came in the indie world, thanks to solid turns in inventive films like "Bound" (1996) and "Memento" (2000). He did, however, reached some level of mass appeal as a co-star in the blockbuster movie "The Matrix" (1999), while his performance as a hot-headed mob lieutenant on "The Sopranos" (HBO, 1999-2007) earned him his first Emmy Award, making him a steady and often-sought-after character actor capable of elevating just about any project.