John Oates

One-half of the beloved rock and soul hitmaking duo Hall & Oates, singer/songwriter John Oates parlayed a love of the gritty, vocal-driven R&B from his hometown of Philadelphia into a multiplatinum-selling recording career with numerous chart-topping and Top 10 singles, including "Sara Smile," "Kiss On My List," "You Make My Dreams Come True," "Private Eyes" and countless others. Born in New York City but raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Oates began recording as a teenager before meeting fellow soul enthusiast Daryl Hall while the pair were students at Temple University. They launched their duo act in 1972. Their flawless, blue-eyed soul harmonies found a devoted audience in the midpoint of the decade, which blossomed into superstardom throughout the 1980s with more than 30 chart hits, minting them as the most successful rock duo in history. Like Hall, Oates struck out on his own on several occasions, though he found greater solo acclaim as a songwriter for Icehouse and other bands than with his own recordings. Oates's work with Hall continued to earn the respect of their peers in the '90s and new millennium, as evidenced by numerous samples and covers of their songs by other artists, and reached a professional high point with their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014. John Oates' professional partnership with Daryl Hall, forged in the earthy beauty and irresistible hooks of classic soul, made him one of the most accomplished performers and songwriters of the modern pop era.