Jon Glaser

For years, New York writer Jon Glaser was a staple in the comedy world behind the scenes. He's made America laugh through his hit characters on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" (NBC 1993 -2009) for five years and racked up five Emmy nominations in the process. In addition to his impressive writing career, Glaser also gained a following through playing memorable guest spots as Leslie's rival Councilman Jamm on "Parks & Recreation" (NBC 2009- ) and Hannah's ex-junkie neighbor, Laird, in "Girls" (HBO 2012-). When the opportunity for greater fame came with a starring role in his show, "Delocated" (Adult Swim 2008-2013), Glaser stuck with anonymity and chose to disguise himself playing a man in the Witness Protection Program - all in the service of comedy.