Jon Watts

Born and raised in the small town of Fountain, Colorado, Jon Watts turned to making short videos before he graduated from high school. His creative output led to a scholarship to attend New York University. After graduating, Watts joined Park Pictures, a production company making music videos, internet content, and short films. One of these was a trailer for "Clown" (2014), a horror film they claimed was directed by Eli Roth. Roth's popularity generated interest in the trailer, eventually from Roth himself, who contacted Watts and his friends and helped get the funding to make the film. Released four years after the initial trailer was made, the film was also written by Watts and his friend Christopher Ford. Watts and Ford again collaborated on the script for "Cop Car" (2015), with Watts directing Kevin Bacon as a bad cop who crosses paths with a couple of unfortunate kids. The film was roundly applauded by filmgoers and critics and brought him to the attention of executives at Marvel, who were looking for someone to bring a vision to the next iteration of "Spider-Man." Watts, again collaborating with Ford on the script, got the call and directed "Spiderman: Homecoming" (2017). The film was largely praised by critics and fans alike, who cheered the successful reimagining of a classic super hero. In 2017 it was announced that Watts would direct a sequel to the film.