Josha Stradowski

Though American audiences first became familiar with Josha Stradowski when he was cast on the fantasy series "Wheel of Time" (Amazon, 2020-), fans in his native Netherlands had known him since his teen years. Born in Rotterdam in 1995, Stradowski began participating in youth theater as a child, memorably acting in a school production of The Sound of Music. By the time he was 16, Stradowski was co-starring on the Dutch series "Spangas" (NCRV, 2007-). In 2013, he caught the attention of indie filmmakers when he appeared in the acclaimed short film "Caged" (2013). Though he scaled back his professional career while enrolled in the theater school at Amsterdam University of the Arts, Stradowski would go on to star in the whimsical short film "I Can Fly" (2017) before co-starring in the acclaimed Dutch TV movie "Just Friends" (BNN, 2018) about two young men falling in love and coping with their overbearing mothers. That same year, the actor would also appear in a production of the Greek classic "Oedipus Rex" with the Internationaal Theater Amsterdam theater company. The following year proved exciting for Stradowski, as he was cast not only on the Dutch series "High Flyers" (TBA, 2020-) but also on the highly anticipated American fantasy series "Wheel of Time," based on the popular book series by Robert Jordan.