Judd Hirsch

Typically cast as the sole voice of reason on shows populated with various nut-jobs, actor Judd Hirsch became a household name with his portrayal of the level-headed Alex Reiger on the sitcom classic, "Taxi" (ABC/NBC, 1978-83), a role that earned him universal critical praise and two Emmy Awards. Having received his start on the stage, Hirsch segued to the screen in the early 1970s with small parts in films like "Serpico" (1973) and guest starring roles before landing on "Taxi" well into his forties. Oscillating easily between comedy and drama, he earned an Oscar nomination for his supporting turn in "Ordinary People" and acclaim for his portrayal of a political radical from the 1960s living underground with his family in the drama "Running on Empty" (1988). Post-"Taxi," he was the star of the popular sitcom "Dear John" (NBC, 1988-92), all the while earning acclaim and Tonys for his stage work in productions like "I'm Not Rappaport" (1986) and "Conversations with My Father" (1992). After notable supporting roles in blockbusters like "Independence Day" (1996) and "A Beautiful Mind" (2001), Hirsch veered toward more dramatic fare with the mathematics-themed procedural "NUMB3RS" (CBS, 2005-10) and the dark legal thriller "Damages" (FX/Audience Network, 2007-12). Whether on stage or screen, in comedy or drama, Hirsch was always a dependable presence, capable of turning in one quality performance after another for decades.