Judie Aronson

American actress Judie Aronson has worked most extensively on television, but is also known for her film roles. After some initial guest spots on early 1980s TV shows, Aronson appeared in "Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter" as one of the potential victims of the franchise's relentless hockey-mask-wearing killer, Jason Voorhees. More film roles followed, with Aronson featured in the cult-favorite sci-fi comedy "Weird Science" and, more notably, as the female lead in the martial-arts movie "American Ninja," starring Michael Dudikoff. By the late '80s, Aronson was primarily appearing in TV shows, with one-off parts on a slew of sitcoms, including "Mr. Belvedere" and "Full House." In 1987, she joined the cast of the comedy series "Pursuit of Happiness," but the show was cancelled after 10 episodes. Continuing to turn up on sitcoms such as "Charles in Charge" and "Growing Pains," Aronson returned to film work for the little-seen 1990 horror/comedy movie "The Sleeping Car" and the martial-arts flick "Desert Kickboxer," appearing less frequently on screen as the decade went on. Following walk-on parts in the thriller "Hannibal," starring Anthony Hopkins and Julianne Moore, and the crime comedy "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" featuring Robert Downey, Jr. and Val Kilmer, Aronson effectively retired from acting in 2006.