Karl Glusman

American film actor Karl Glusman made waves in the international film community for his starring role in the 2015 film "Love." Born in New York City and raised in Oregon, Glusman grew up loving the films of Stanley Kubrick. He always had a desire to make it as a professional actor, and by the time he entered college at Portland State University, he decided to take a few acting classes. After a year of college, however, Glusman came to the realization that if he ever wanted to be a professional actor he'd have to move back to his birthplace - New York City. Upon arriving in New York, Glusman did what any struggling actor did by working a series of odd jobs at night so that he could audition for roles during the day. After a long period of struggling financially, Glusman's luck changed when he landed a commercial for Adidas. The role paid him $15,000 for one day of work, and with that money Glusman took a trip to Paris with some friends. Once in Paris, Glusman met a young woman working at a club who said she was friends with the film director Gaspar Noe. The young woman said she would put Glusman into contact with the director, but Glusman thought nothing of it. However, after arriving back in New York six months later, Noe contacted Glusman out of the blue and cast him in his next film "Love." The film, an erotic drama about a sexually charged relationship, was noted for its substantial use of full-frontal nudity. "Love" debuted at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival and received mixed reviews. Glusman, however, continued to land parts in films, including "Stonewall" and "Embers," both of which also came out in 2015.