Katelyn Pippy

As the youngest lead actress on the hit TV series "Army Wives," an insightful examination of military family life, Katelyn Pippy has some powerful female performances to measure up to. And yet anyone who has followed Pippy's portrayal of rebellious teen Emmalin Holden since she took over the role in season two knows full well that Pippy has effortlessly carved out a place for herself among the older women of "Army Wives." She plays the daughter of Kim Delaney's character, Claudia Joy Holden, and as such she has explored many of the experiences and pitfalls that teenagers encounter in real life. These include familiar issues of drugs and alcohol, sex and self-esteem, along with the extra burdens placed on a child growing up in a military family. Before joining "Army Wives," Pippy showed off her acting talent in TV guest spots on shows like "Monk," the quirky detective dramedy starring Emmy-award winning actor Tony Shalhoub, and in short independent films like "Small Avalanches," the tense and unsettling story of a 13-year-old girl who must escape a potential sexual predator.