Katie Lowes

Best known for her role on the massively popular ABC series "Scandal," actor Katie Lowes started out with little more than an innocent love of the stage. Born and raised in Queens, New York, Lowes was an outgoing child who loved to act and sing for friends and family. But unlike many entertaining children, Lowes' love of performing didn't fall to the wayside as she grew up. Lowes only became more focused and determined about her craft, eventually enrolling at the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. She would eventually prove herself with a starring role in a Tisch mainstage production of "Four Saints of Mexico" in 2002, before graduating and entering the professional sphere. Lowes landed some impressive appearances, like a part in the pilot for the series "Rescue Me" (FX 2004-2011), but for the most part, Lowes paid the bills in those early days working as a nanny to the son of actor Connie Britton. Eventually, however, the actor landed the role of Quinn Perkins on Shonda Rhimes' political drama "Scandal" (ABC 2012- ), a role she immediately felt a connection with, as her own real life middle name is Quinn. The show would make Lowes a household name and face, and introduced her to actor Adam Shapiro, whom she married in June of 2012.