Keith Jardine

Keith Jardine was an actor who founded his entertainment career success with roles in film. In the beginning of his acting career, Jardine starred in comedies like "Crank: High Voltage" (2009) with Jason Statham and Amy Smart. Jardine worked in television around the start of his acting career with a role on "Hawaii Five-O" (CBS, 2010-). His passion for acting continued to his roles in projects like the Stone Cold Steve Austin action flick "Tactical Force" (2011) and the Stone Cold Steve Austin action picture "Recoil" (2012). Jardine continued to exercise his talent in the 2010s, taking on a mix of projects like "A Million Ways to Die in the West" (2014), "Inherent Vice" (2014) starring Joaquin Phoenix and "John Wick" (2014) starring Keanu Reeves. His credits also expanded to "Transcendence" (2014). Most recently, Jardine worked on the Chris Pratt smash hit adventure sequel "Jurassic World" (2015).