Kerry Bishé

In addition to talent, much of success in Hollywood depends on timing and being seen by the right people. Kerry Bishé had very good luck being seen by the producers of "Scrubs," who cast her in the final season of the sitcom. The good luck continued with a role in Ben Affleck's political thriller "Argo," followed by a starring role on the cable series "Halt and Catch Fire." Kerry Bishé was born May 1, 1984 in New Zealand, but was raised in the United States after her family emigrated. After graduating high school in 2002, Bishé went to Northwestern University. Even when acting in school productions, Bishé deeply researched her roles, and she carried the tradition of strong preparation with her as a professional actress. Even though she had strong acting technique, Bishé was also good at improvising and going with the flow with ensemble teams. Bishé's first movie appearance was in the drama "The Half Life of Mason Lake" in 2007. In 2009, she landed the role of Lucy Bennett on the rebooted "Scrubs" (NBC, 2001-2009, ABC 2009-2010), after outgoing series star Zach Braff had directed her in the TV movie "Night Life" (2008). In 2012, Bishé starred as one of the American hostages in Ben Affleck's Oscar-winning period piece "Argo." Bishé co-starred in the TV series "Halt and Catch Fire" (AMC, 2014- ) on which she played an early 1980s computer engineer whose husband downplays her significant role in the development of their flagship computer. Ironically, her husband in "Halt and Catch Fire" was played by Scoot McNairy, who had also played her husband in "Argo."