Kim Bodnia

Kim Bodnia was a Danish film and television actor best known internationally for his role in the popular crime drama "The Bridge" (ZDF 2011-13) and in Jon Stewart's "Rosewater" (2014). Bodnia did not always harbor dreams of becoming an actor. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark on April 12th, 1965, he originally was an athlete, winning track events and dreaming of becoming a professional soccer player. Having suffered an injury that halted his athletic career, he began performing in school plays as a teenager, eventually applying to Copenhagen's National Theatre School. After graduating from there in 1991, he began appearing on stage and on screen in his native Denmark, often playing macho and intimidating roles, such as Patrick Bateman in a theatrical performance of "American Psycho." In his first ever movie role in 1989, he played a bouncer, and his first major success was as the macho Jens in the Danish horror film "Nightwatch" (1994). In 2011, he landed a role as detective Martin Rohde on the stylish police drama "The Bridge," which became his best-known role. He had a pivotal part to play in Jon Stewart's directorial debut "Rosewater," portraying the mysterious titular interrogator whose defining characteristic to the film's detained protagonist was that he smelled of rosewater.