Kim Zimmer

Kim Zimmer is an actor known for playing melodramatic roles in some of the more popular soap operas of the late 20th century. Her start was an auspicious one, filling in for future starlet Kathleen Turner in the role of Nola Dancy Aldrich in the final years of the long-running soap "The Doctors." She bore a definite resemblance to Turner, and that helped her win a role in Lawrence Kasdan's steamy neo-noir thriller "Body Heat" (1981). In her film debut, Zimmer played Mary Ann, a lookalike associate of Turner's character. The actor's foray into film was a brief one, as she quickly returned to TV. From then, she made the bulk of her living in soap operas, playing the volatile Reva Shayne (as well as Reva's lookalike relatives) for many years on "Guiding Light," and Echo DiSavoy for over 60 episodes of "One Life to Live." The remainder of her work saw her take roles in a smattering of TV movies and series, including a three-episode turn as a policewoman on "MacGyver," a popular show about an extremely resourceful crime solver, and a one-off appearance in 1989 on the female-centric sitcom "Designing Women." She branched out in terms of genre after that, guest-starring on such diverse offerings as science fiction saga "Babylon 5" and neurotic New Yorker sitcom "Seinfeld."