Kyle Howard

Appealing, wide-eyed, sandy-haired actor Kyle Howard got his start as a teen performer, working in hometown stage productions and eventually landing a starring role in the children's comedy feature "House Arrest" (1996). Though he decided at age six that acting was his calling, Howard didn't actively pursue a career until several years later, making his debut in his early teens. After graduating from high school, Howard was able to devote more time to his craft, and relocated from his Loveland, Colorado home to Los Angeles. "House Arrest," his first big break, showcased the actor's charming mischievous spirit and his onscreen charisma. He played Grover, a young teen who is determined to reconcile his bickering parents (Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Pollak), aiming to do so by imprisoning them together in the basement. Starring in "House Arrest" proved a good start for the young actor, who went on to amass many credits both in film and televsion.