Lauren Cohan

Lauren Cohan was born in 1982 in Pennsylvania and spent the early years of her life in New Jersey. However, at a young age, she moved to her mother's home country of the United Kingdom, where she spent her formative years. According to Cohan, she's "American by birth; English by accent," and she eventually attended the English school the University of Winchester. She began modeling around that time, but as she studied drama in school, her tastes turned heavily towards acting. She co-founded a theater company in school and upon graduation, toured with the company for a time. Time wore on, and after landing a few roles, she ended up spending more time in Los Angeles, as she began acting in films and television more regularly, first with the films "Casanova" (2005) and "National Lampoon's Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj" (2006). In 2007, she portrayed the villainous Bela Talbot in season 3 of "Supernatural" (CW 2005- ). She appeared in several smaller films and consistently guest-starred in TV shows, with her biggest stints being as the vampire Rose on "The Vampire Diaries" (CW 2009-17) in 2010 and the socialite Vivian Volkoff in "Chuck" (NBC 2007-2012) in 2011. Near the end of her run on "Chuck," she joined the cast for the second season of "The Walking Dead" (AMC 2010- ) as Maggie Greene. She also did voice work for the cult animated series "Archer" (FX 2009- ) and also starred alongside Sylvester Stallone in the drama "Reach Me" (2014).