Lena Headey

Having barely begun her career on British television, actress Lena Headey was wooed by American feature directors who were captivated by her emotional realism and timeless beauty. A big fan of British films, Headey maintained a demanding international schedule in more lucrative American fare to finance her love of homegrown period pieces and art house dramas like "Face" (1997) and "Onegin" (1999). But it was her acclaimed performance in the hyper-real historical epic "300" (2007) that propelled the actress into true international stardom and opened the door for higher-profile projects. From there, Headey was tapped to play single mom and cyborg battler Sarah Connor in the popular, but short-lived sci-fi spin-off, "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" (Fox 2008-09). With each role, Headey reinforced her unique screen presence and ability to embody both the china doll delicacy and the fierce independence that she put on fine display in the medieval series "Game of Thrones" (HBO, 2011- ), which helped underscore her versatility in a wide range of projects.