Louis Hofmann

Louis Hofmann became one of the most prominent German actors of his generation thanks to leading roles in the Oscar-nominated WWII drama "Land of Mine" (2015), coming-of-age "Center of My World" (2016) and supernatural mystery "Dark" (Netflix, 2017-). Born in Monchengladbach in 1997, Hofmann began acting aged eleven and following a three-year stint on radio show "Servicezeit" (WDR), first appeared on screen in TV movies "Der verlorene Vater" (2010) and "Tod in Istanbul" (2010). Hofmann then guested on legal dramedy "Danni Lowinski" (Sat.1, 2010-14) and detective shows "Wilsberg" (ZDF, 1995) and "Stolberg" (ZDF, 2006-2013), but achieved his big break when he was cast as the eponymous character in "Tom Sawyer" (2011). Hofmann also reprised the role in "The Adventures of Huck Finn" (2012) before starring opposite Benno Furmann in family comedy "The Almost Perfect Man" (2013) and showing up in Nuremberg war trial drama "Das Zeugenhaus" (2013). Hofmann then earned critical acclaim for his performances as a juvenile sent to an abusive boarding school in "Sanctuary" (2015) and a teenage prisoner of war in the Oscar-nominated historical drama "Land of Mine" (2015). Hofmann continued to build on his profile by playing the son of real-life WWII protestors Anna and Otto Quangel in "Alone in Berlin" (2016), an online blackmailer in catfishing drama "Das weisse Kaninchen" (2016) and a sensitive teen who falls for a new classmate in LGBT coming-of-age "Center of My World" (2016). Following a five-episode stint as hacktivist Dalton in cyber-crime thriller "You Are Wanted" (Amazon, 2017-), Hofmann played drug dealer Jonathan in stoner comedy sequel "Lommbock" (2017), voiced the heroic dwarf in fantasy drama "Ende Neu" (2017) and guested on miniseries "Shades of Guilt" (ZFD, 2015-). After playing a reclusive teen in "Different Kinds of Rain" (2017), Hofmann was then cast as Jonas, an introverted student dealing with his father's suicide, in the buzzworthy supernatural series "Dark" (Netflix, 2017-).