Lucas Grabeel

With his Midwestern, fresh-faced sincerity and his talent for singing and dancing, Lucas Grabeel was seemingly a born natural for the Disney 'tween empire. He was barely out of high school himself when the Missouri transplant was cast in "High School Musical" (2006), becoming an instant teen idol for his role in the mega-hit film series and for his vocals on the best-selling soundtracks. His profile remained high with the three "HSM" films and several other Disney TV movies, but rather than risk being typecast in family films, Grabeel wisely got to work experimenting with a range of different material. Supporting roles in broad comedies and even dramas like "Milk" (2008) starring Sean Penn, indicated that there was more to Grabeel's onscreen appeal than just musical numbers, and that his charisma could easily translate to larger, more varied audiences.