Luke Hemsworth

A charming Australian actor, Luke Hemsworth was the older brother of Liam and Chris - three famously hunky brothers from Down Under who were poised to conquer Hollywood. Receiving his showbiz start as a steroid-using athlete on the perennial Australian soap "Neighbours" (Seven Network, 1985; Network Ten, 1986-2010; Eleven, 2011- ), Hemsworth worked steadily as an actor in his home country, even after Liam and Chris moved to Hollywood to become American film stars. With their massive success, Hemsworth decided to explore his opportunities on an international scale as well, signing with Liam and Chris' management company and landing the starring role in the thriller "The Reckoning" (TBD). Cut from the same charismatic cloth as his younger brothers, Luke Hemsworth was poised to become a bigger star not just in his native Australia, but also around the world.