Magda Apanowicz

Hollywood shifted resources to Canada many times in order to film television and movies; it's only natural that this traffic worked both ways. Canadian actress Magda Apanowicz was such a reverse export, scoring a key role in a cult science fiction TV series while still in her early 20s. The series was "Caprica" (2009), the prequel to a popular and critical favorite, the re-imagined "Battlestar Galactica" (2004). Apanowicz appeared in all 18 episodes of the show as Lacy Rand, a troubled young girl who turns to religion. Around the same time, she guest-starred in several episodes of the cheerleader dramedy "Hellcats" (2010). Although the actress was a fresh face to many viewers of "Caprica," she actually had quite a few years of experience before signing on for her role. She appeared as Suzie Travis in the first episode of the 2008 mini-series "The Andromeda Strain," an adaptation of Michael Crichton's bio-nightmare novel. Prior to that, she had a recurring role on the Canadian drama series "" (2006), which centered on a group of teenagers managing an e-zine. Apanowicz concentrated largely on TV work, but had occasional forays into film, including a small part as a teenage punk in "The Butterfly Effect" (2004), a science fiction-tinged psychological thriller starring Ashton Kutcher.