Marianne Rendón

Many fans learned of Marianne Rendon's thoughtful and energetic style of acting from her role as Jules on the popular Bravo series "Imposters" (Bravo, 2017-). Born in 1990, the native New Yorker attended Bard College in upstate New York, where she and her friend, fellow actor Lola Kirke, formed a band called Sheroes and Marianne. When not actively engaged in writing and playing songs, Rendon was growing increasingly passionate about acting. After graduating from Bard, she enrolled at the Juilliard School, graduating in 2016. One of her first big breaks after entering the world of professional acting came later that same year when she was cast as the understudy for the lead role in the acclaimed musical "Lazarus"-an official decision she later learned came from the show's lyricist himself, David Bowie. Rendon would act in the short film "Gemini" (2017), but her profile raised considerably when she was cast on "Imposters," heeding her producers' advice and taking inspiration from straight talking comedian Sandra Bernhard when crafting her character. Moving from strength to strength, Rendon next portrayed legendary punk musician Patti Smith in the film "Mapplethorpe" (2018), and later played Manson Family member Susan Atkins for the film "Charlie Says" (2018).