Matt Lauria

Matt Lauria entered the entertainment business with very little acting experience and ended up emerging as a genuine scene-stealer. The theater-trained actor began making waves in Hollywood with supporting roles on television and in independent features before making his mark on the beloved drama series "Friday Night Lights" (NBC/DirecTV, 2006-2011). Lauria delivered a breakout performance on "Friday Night Lights" as a well-mannered yet misunderstood high school athlete. After two seasons on the critically acclaimed show, the actor found himself on new turf with a starring role as an eager young cop on Fox's short-lived "The Chicago Code" (2011). With so much talent and charm, it did not take long for Lauria to land a featured part on the primetime hit "Burn Notice" (USA Network, 2007-13), where he guest-starred as a discharged soldier whose intelligence and drive strikes similarities with the show's central character (Jeffrey Donovan). Taking on a variety of roles in such a short span of time established Lauria as one of Hollywood's brightest talents and showcased his potential to carry bigger projects later in his career.