Maya Hawke

While her famous parents were often mentioned alongside her name in print, Maya Hawke nonetheless earned a place for herself in the film industry on her own merit. Born to actors Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke in New York City in 1998, Hawke struggled with dyslexia during childhood, and enrolled in several elementary schools before finding one that could serve her needs. Energetic and outgoing, she happily participated in school plays throughout her education, but as graduation neared, she hesitated before pursuing a career in what she called, "the family business." Ultimately however, Hawke decided that any undue pressures she might face as the child of successful parents would be worth the joy she felt in pursuing her craft. She enrolled at Juilliard, but after just one year she landed her debut on-screen role, playing Jo in a BBC mini-series adaptation of "Little Women" (BBC, 2017) and was forced to drop out. With her career off and running somewhat sooner than she had expected, she next appeared in the quirky independent thriller "Ladyworld" (2018). Hawke's breakthrough role would come the following year, when she was cast as the new character Robin Buckley on season three of the hit series "Stranger Things" (Netfflix, 2016- ). Playing the new addition to a well-established cast no doubt came loaded with high expectations, but Hawke's performance as Robin was praised by critics and fans alike. Then later that same summer, she made a small but extremely memorable appearance in Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood" (2019) playing a character involved with the infamous "Manson Family" depicted in the film, credited simply with the name Flower Child. With this valuable experience under her belt, Hawke next moved on to a role in Gia Coppola's drama "Mainstream" (2019).