Michael G. Wilson

Writer/Producer Michael G. Wilson is best known for his work in James Bond films, alongside producer/stepfather Albert R. Broccoli, as well as his producer sister, Barbara Broccoli. Wilson started out with small acting roles in Bond films, working his way through EON Productions as a director's assistant, a writer, and later, producer. "Octopussy," the thirteenth Bond film, was one in which Wilson both wrote and co-executive produced. Wilson was forced to finish writing the script for the sixteenth Bond film, "Licence to Kill" when regular scriptwriter Richard Maibaum opted out due to a writer's strike. The film, which Wilson also produced, marked Timothy Dalton's second and final performance as James Bond. Wilson also produced "GoldenEye," this time with Pierce Brosnan debuting as Bond. Overall, it was received by audiences and critics as a much-needed re-boot to the franchise. Wilson produced "Die Another Day," featuring Halle Berry as a more modern sort of Bond girl, though she paid homage to legendary Bond girl Ursula Andress, by donning her iconic swimsuit in one scene. The film also marked Brosnan's last appearance as Bond before yet another series reboot with "Casino Royale." Wilson and his team cast Daniel Craig as Bond--a younger and more ruggedly physical version of the character, which was in line with the film's shift in emphasis to more action-based elements.