Michael Landes

Actor Michael Landes may be best known for a run as budding photographer Jimmy Olsen on the popular superhero drama "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman." Landes got his first big break in Hollywood as a teenager in recurring parts on two popular shows, the coming-of-age drama "The Wonder Years," and the Will Smith sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." He next landed the Jimmy Olsen assignment, though it was not renewed for a second season of that successful show. Guest spots, supporting film roles, and repeat roles on short-lived series followed. Attempting to take control of his career, he produced and starred in the 1998 romance "Getting Personal." For the supernatural cop show "Special Unit 2," Landes secured a lead as one of the detectives, and played another police officer in strange circumstances for the death-obsessed horror sequel, "Final Destination 2." Other shows in which the actor was featured but that didn't endure include a British romantic series, "Love Soup," and the dramatic comedy in the world of wedding planners, "The Wedding Bells." He has had major parts in psychological thrillers with popular female leads, including "Possession," with Sarah Michelle Gellar; and "Homecoming," featuring Mischa Barton. Landes landed one of his most high-profile roles to date in "Saw" creator Darren Lynm Bousman's 2011 spookfest "11-11-11," in which he played the hero's estranged religious brother, Samuel.