Michael Rispoli

Often cast as Italian-Americans, Michael Rispoli has proved a consummate character player, adding to the performances of the lead actors, while shining considerably in scene-stealing moments that showed his capability to carry a film. Fair-haired with a tendency towards roundness and an unmistakable New York ethnic look, Rispoli was frequently cast as the tough-next-door, or a wannabe wise guy. He played these roles well, giving his characters added depth and additional dimensions. Rispoli's film debut in a featured role as tragic Nicky Falconetti in Nancy Savoca's "Household Saints" (1993) proved him a notable talent. Rispoli gave a remarkable performance as a soldier returned from the war having a hard time reacquainting himself with civilian society. While a supporting rather than a starring role, Rispoli's character was one of the more indelible aspects of the film. He next gave a strong supporting performance in following year's emotional drama "Angie," starring Geena Davis.