Michelle Dockery

While she was not born onto the grand life that she often enjoyed on screen, Michelle Dockery's portrayals of the so-called repressed, rich girl always seemed effortless and genuine. The classically trained actress first gained attention in her native England, where Dockery landed featured roles on television, including the miniseries "Cranford" (BBC, 2007) and the mystery "The Turn of the Screw" (BBC, 2009). While her characters were refined and often chafed at promiscuity and violence, the actress also portrayed harder-edged characters, such as she did in the crime drama "Red Riding Trilogy" (Channel 4, 2009) and the American film "Hanna" (2011). Dockery's most memorable role, however, was on the critically acclaimed series "Downton Abbey" (iTV, 2010-16), as a seemingly cold-hearted aristocrat who slowly reveals her naiveté about love and her frustrations as a result of her family pressuring her into marriage. Dockery's performance on the series was undoubtedly her breakthrough role and established her as a formidable actress with a bright future.