Mike Birbiglia

A popular performer on both the stand-up comedy and theater circuits, Mike Birbiglia was a comedian, writer, director and actor whose struggles with a sleep disorder informed his most popular work, the one-man show and feature film "Sleepwalk with Me" (2012). The Massachusetts native began appearing at comedy clubs as a college student, working material that followed a path similar to that of his idol, Steven Wright. After moving to New York in the early 2000, he focused on more personal issues, including his romantic problems and his sleep issues, which served as the focus of his one-man show, "Sleepwalk With Me." The show's combination of off-beat humor and introspective observation won Birbiglia numerous fans, as well as the opportunity to pen a best-selling book based on the show and write and direct the feature film adaptation. Birbiglia's second one-man show, "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend," was also a stage hit, underscoring his status as a creative force in comedy and independent film.