Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle's characters tend to meet grisly ends. His first breakout role, convict Adam Guenzel on the HBO prison series "Oz," ended with a gang rape and then death by electrocution after he tried to escape over the prison fence. On "Oz," Doyle collaborated with Christopher Meloni, with whom he soon worked again on the procedural drama "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit." Doyle didn't play one of the victims; he was SVU's forensics technician, so he probably thought he was relatively safe this time out. Unfortunately, death followed Doyle into the lab, as well. It's an experience to which he's become accustomed to after, among other things, being shot, strangled, blown up, and burnt to death on projects such as the TV movie "Bella Mafia" (a crime revenge story) and the short-lived series "Smith" (tracking a crew of thieves headed by Ray Liotta). Fortunately for Doyle's career, no matter how many times they kill him, he's demonstrated the requisite talent to keep on coming back for more. Steering clear of violent ends, he went on to supporting parts in the melancholy drama "Rabbit Hole," the superhero flick "Green Lantern," and the New York City-set indie "Union Square."