Mike Schur

Michael Herbert Schur was born on Oct. 29, 1975 in Ann Arbor, MI and grew up in West Hartford, CT. After graduating from Harvard University in 1997, Schur landed a job as a writer for "Saturday Night Live" (NBC 1975-). In 2001, he ascended to the rule of overseeing the show's Weekend Update segment, and ultimately left the series in 2004, soon after which point he began his tenure as producer and writer for the sitcom "The Office" (NBC 2005-2013), a mockumentary-style comedy about the misadventures of the staff of a Pennsylvania-based paper company. Schur and his "The Office" colleague Greg Daniels then co-created the sitcom "Parks and Recreation" (NBC 2009-2015), which likewise afforded a mockumentary-style look at the Parks Department of a small town in Indiana. Following the conclusion of "The Office," Schur co-created yet another sitcom, this time with "Parks and Recreation" writer Dan Goor: "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" (Fox/NBC 2013-), a comical series about a New York City police precinct. During the latter program's tenure, Schur went off on his own to create the sitcom "The Good Place" (NBC 2016-), which chronicled the experiences of a group of four humans who die on Earth and then go on to experience the afterlife.