One of the best-loved female comedians of the new millennium and a role model for plus-sized women everywhere, Mo'Nique's comic talent carried her from the comedy club stage to television, film and beyond. Mo'Nique was already a local hero in her native Baltimore and a seasoned stand-up comedienne known for her down-home truth when she achieved every comic's dream - to star in her own sitcom. "The Parkers" (UPN, 1999-2004) jettisoned Mo'Nique to national fame, while her continuing work on stage - highlighted in "The Queens of Comedy" (2002) - established her as an inspiring "everywoman" who encouraged her audiences to be confident and proud, no matter their size or situation. In addition to a growing film career in comedies like "Two Can Play that Game" (2001) and "Soul Plane" (2004), as well as an increasing demand for her to host everything from the BET Awards to her own late night talk show, Mo'Nique received surprisingly glowing reviews for her award-winning work in the drama, "Precious" (2009). It seemed no matter the genre or the medium, Monique's hilariously mouthy persona cut through racial divides as she maintained a commitment to encouraging women through humor.