Naomie Harris

English actress Naomie Harris won over moviegoers with a pair of extremely opposite characters: the ruthless, machete-wielding Selena in Danny Boyle's science fiction thriller "28 Days Later" (2002) and Tia Dalma, the grotesquely bedecked witch in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" (2006) and its sequel, "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" (2007). In between these roles, she assumed a more down-to-earth persona, such as a comely detective in Michael Mann's big-screen "Miami Vice" (2006) and a recurring role as the plucky Eve Moneypenny in the James Bond hits "Skyfall" (2012) and "Spectre" (2015). Her career moved to a new level when her acclaimed turn as a drug addicted single mother in the drama "Moonlight" (2016) won Harris an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.