Nicholas Tse

The son of two prominent Cantonese-language movie actors, Nicholas Tse is a truly international star. He spent the majority of his formative years in Vancouver, British Columbia, with a stint in Phoenix, Arizona, and some schooling in both Japan and Hong Kong. It was in Hong Kong that the multi-instrumentalist embarked on a career as a pop musician; his debut album, produced while he was still a teenager, became a top-seller and had him deemed the year's "most popular new artist" by the Jade Solid Gold Best 10 Music Awards. It also put him on the fast-track to success in the entertainment industry, quickly transferring his prominence on the music charts to box office capital. Among his first major films was "Young and Dangerous: The Prequel," one of several action films he's starred in; Tse studied martial arts with a member of Jackie Chan's stunt team and later starred with the master himself in "New Police Story." The young actor has also worked in romances, like the fantasy "Tiramisu," with Karena Lam, and "Jade Goddess of Mercy," with Zhao Wei, and comedies, like "A Chinese Tall Story." Several of his movies have costarred his wife, Cecelia Cheung, who is a well-known actress and cantopop singer in her own right.