Nick Chinlund

Nick Chinlund was an aspiring athlete at Brown University with his sights on eventually playing in the NBA when his career was cut short by an injury during his freshman year. Afterwards, the New York native channeled his energy into acting. Chinlund is often cast, in mainstream films at least, as a gun-toting mercenary or smarmy bad guy. He got his start as Hatchett in the third installment of Mel Gibson's famed action franchise, "Lethal Weapon," and played one of a gang of escaped super villains in Jerry Bruckheimer's 1997 air-disaster thriller "Con Air." Chinlund also played a trigger-happy member of Denzel Washington's gang of corrupt cops in the award-winning police drama "Training Day." His involvement in films outside of the action genre has mostly been in independent productions. In 1997 he starred in and produced "A Brother's Kiss" in collaboration with his longtime friend, director Seth Zvi Rosenfeld. Since then, Chinlund has continued dividing his time between indie releases and mainstream films. He found himself once again behind the business end of an automatic weapon in the 2003 war film "Tears of the Sun" with Bruce Willis, and played a bounty hunter pursuing Vin Diesel in the sci-fi action flick "The Chronicles of Riddick." Often a supporting actor, Chinlund got the opportunity to play the lead in two solid indie films, as a troubled priest in "Sinner" and as an amnesiac accused of spying in the thriller "The Fifth Patient."