Olivier Delbosc

It has been quite an eclectic, genre bending, transnational, artistically volatile career that producer Olivier Delbosc has fashioned for himself since starting out in the mid 1990s. He began producing shorts for such directors as Jon Carnoy, Isabelle Broué, and his longtime collaborator François Ozon, an openly gay filmmaker who was then beginning to show some of the sexual absurdities, satirical commentary and abnormal familial relationships that would define his later work. He followed the provocative Ozon into feature films with the director's unsettling efforts "See the Sea" in 1997 and "Sitcom" one year later. Despite this success, Delbosc refused to settle into a niche, intermittently dipping his toe into the waters of heavy drama, science fiction, fantasy, crime, thrillers, romance, comedy, and horror throughout the 2000s. He has worked with such respected directors as Bertrand Blier, Gaspar Noé, Patrice Leconte, Peter Mullan, and Paul Haggis and has branched out from the French cinema to make the Scottish film "Neds" and the Franco-American effort "The Next Three Days." Meanwhile, the 2003 drama "Swimming Pool," which he produced, garnered acclaim on the festival circuit.