Oz Perkins

Starting out as a child actor, Oz Perkins's career took off when he was nine years old. In the early stages of his Hollywood career, Perkins acted in comedies like "Six Degrees of Separation" (1993) with Stockard Channing and Will Smith, "Legally Blonde" (2001) with Reese Witherspoon and "Not Another Teen Movie" (2001) with Chyler Leigh. He worked in series television while getting his start in acting, including a part on "Alias" (ABC, 2001-06). He kept working in film throughout the early 2000s, starring in the James Spader dramatic adaptation "Secretary" (2002), the comedy "Dead and Breakfast" (2005) with Jeremy Sisto and "Erosion" (2006). He also played parts in television during these years, including roles in "She Spies" (2002-04) and "Close to Home" (CBS, 2005-07). More recently, he tackled roles in the Chris Pine smash hit sci-fi sequel "Star Trek" (2009), "Removal" (2012) and the Christina Hendricks drama "Something's Cooking" (2012). He also worked in television during these years, including a part on "October Road" (ABC, 2006-08). Perkins most recently directed the horror movie "February" (2016) with Emma Roberts. Perkins was married to Sidney Perkins.