Peter Block

Hailing from Hartford, Connecticut, Peter Block has been producing some of Hollywood's goriest and most successful films throughout the last 15 years, including the very lucrative "Saw" franchise. As a child, Block was an avid fan of Stephen King and monster films. Year later, when he was working at LionsGate, he began pushing the horror genre, and worked his way up the ranks eventually becoming President of Acquisitions & Co-Productions at LionsGate. In the early 2000s, Block produced such notable features as "Bully," a thriller that was nominated for the Venice Film Festival's prestigious Golden Lion award, "Narc," a crime drama that earned a Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize nomination, and "Girl with the Pearl Earring," the Oscar-nominated adaptation of the Tracy Chevalier novel inspired by the classic Vermeer painting. Despite the mounting acclaim his dramatic productions, Block's love and loyalty to horror paid off in a big way when "Saw" was released in 2004, earning much buzz, and giving birth to the "gorno" sub-genre. The resulting "Saw" franchise has gone on to spawn six sequels, on which Block served as executive producer. While the successive sequels went on to earn more and more box office dollars as the body counts rose, Block went on to produce a number of other notable horror ventures, including Rob Zombie's "The Devil's Rejects," the 2009 vampire thriller "Daybreakers," and the television horror anthology series "Fear Itself."