Peter Franzén

Peter Franzén was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Franzén's career in acting began with his roles in various films like the Imo Kontio period drama "Summer by the River" (1998), the Pirkka-Pekka Petelius dramatic adaptation "Leijat Helsingin Ylla" (2001) and the Janne Reinikainen dramatic biopic "Badding" (2001). He also appeared in "Emmauksen Tiella" (2002), "Ambush" (2002) and "Bad Boys--A True Story" (2003) with Jasper Paakkonen. He kept working in film throughout the early 2000s, starring in "Matti--Elama on Ihmisen Parasta Aikaa" (2006) with Jasper Paakkonen, the dramatic adventure "Suden Arvoitus" (2006) with Ville Haapasalo and "The Matriarch" (2007). He also appeared in the crime drama "Cleaner" (2008) with Samuel L. Jackson. More recently, he continued to act in the drama "Puhdistus" (2012) with Laura Birn, "Above Dark Waters" (2013) and "Leijonasydän" (2013). He also appeared in "Kerron sinulle kaiken" (2014). Most recently, Franzén acted in "The Gunman" (2015).