Philippe Le Sourd

Born and raised in Paris in the 1960s, cinematographer Philippe Le Sourde learned the art of photography at Paris's famed film school at New Sorbonne University. Upon graduation Philippe worked as a general photographer's assistant. His first big break came when he was assistant cameraman to Darius Khondi on the art-house hit "Delicatessen" (1991). He worked again with Khondi, as second camera, on "The City of Lost Children" (1995), followed by a job as focus puller on director Bernardo Bertolucci's haunting "Stealing Beauty" (1996). He continued to work with European directors for the next few years, making the occasional foray to the U.S. when opportunities arose to work on commercials. His first Hollywood feature came as director of photography for Ridley Scott on the romantic comedy-drama "A Good Year" (2006), set in Provence. The following year, he worked as director of photography on Italian director Gabriele Muccino's short film "Heartango" (2007), a collaboration that was repeated with Muccino's next project, the art-house hit "Seven Pounds" (2008). His ongoing work on commercials also began to pay off in Hollywood. He initially worked with Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai on several commercials, but went on to further their working relationship with the short film "There's Only One Sun" (2007). This led to his epic three-year colalboration with Wong on the film that was to land him his first nomination for an Oscar, "The Grandmaster" (2013).