Phyllis Somerville

Character actress Phyllis Somerville worked primarily on stage for the first half of her four-decade career before her appearance in the Oscar-nominated "Little Children" (2006) transformed her into a much-sought-after performer in film and television. Cast frequently as motherly figures with a wrinkle of complexity to their makeup, Somerville began acting on screen in the early '80s, but did not find her breakout role until "Children," which cast her as the mother of Jackie Earle Haley's accused sexual predator. Her enormously sympathetic turn won critical praise and brought her to the attention of filmmakers ranging from David Fincher, who cast her in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" (2008) and his "House of Cards" (Netflix, 2013- ) remake, as well as Chan-wook Park ("Stoker," 2013). Though a latecomer to widespread fame, Phyllis Somerville's inherent talent underscored her status as one of the more dependable players in any age range.