Rachael Leigh Cook

Practically born in front of the camera, actress Rachael Leigh Cook began her career in the public eye when she decided to become a model while in the second grade. Before she tried her hand at acting, Cook appeared extensively in print campaigns and was featured in a public service announcement encouraging people to be foster parents. The Minnesota native began acting at age 15 - a career choice that would have her working steadily through her teen years, appearing as co-star, and later, the lead of numerous features and television programs, including her most famous offering, "She's All That" (1999) - the film that made her a star. Petite, with expressive pixyish features and hair that was at different times, sandy blonde, chestnut brown and everything in between, the versatile actress was drafted to play younger versions of performers as varying as Holly Hunter, Angelina Jolie and Parker Posey.