Randy Couture

Arguably one of the most successful figures in the mixed martial arts world, Randy Couture is a three-time Heavyweight Champion and two-time Light Heavyweight Champion, and was a member of the Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Fame before moving into acting and entrepreneurship. A powerful and tenacious brawler with a talent for takedowns and the "ground and pound" technique - a punishing strategy for forcing knockouts or submission by pinning an opponent to the ground and wearing him down with fists or elbows - Couture quickly dominated the sport, bringing down a host of top competitors before retiring in 2006. However, he was back in the ring the following year, with mixed results, before finally quitting for good in 2011. By this point, Couture was widely established as one of the most widely recognized figures in the mixed martial arts world, thanks to a successful training center franchise and burly performances in "The Expendables" (2010) and its 2012 sequel. Even in retirement, Randy Couture remains one of the UFC's greatest success stories, a fighter whose brawn and determination elevated him to legendary status.