Rebecca Staab

Rebecca Staab is an actress and former Miss Nebraska who competed in the 1980 Miss USA pageant. Alas, her career has been what you might expect from a former pageant queen: plenty of roles but none that have been especially memorable. From Miss Nebraska, Staab entered the modeling world, working in Paris for three years and taking on international gigs, then moved to New York and added acting to her agenda. Her first roles came on soaps, including appearances on "Guiding Light" in the mid-'80s. Staab made her film debut in 1991 with a supporting role in "The Marrying Man," the romantic comedy starring Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin. The following year, she had a slightly more impactful role in another romantic comedy, "Love Potion No. 9," starring Sandra Bullock and Tate Donovan. Two years later, a shot at something akin to cinematic stardom turned out to be built on false hope: as Susan Storm, one of the leads in Roger Corman's take on "The Fantastic Four"--the original 1994 movie version--Staab had indeed landed a starring role, but the film was never released due to budget problems. Staab made numerous TV appearances throughout the 1990s, including spots on the sitcom "Seinfeld," "Ellen," and crime comedy series "Martial Law," but her most substantial recurring part came on the 1991 vampire romance revival series "Dark Shadows." In the 2000s, she returned to soaps, most notably with a six-episode run on "Port Charles," the "General Hospital" spin-off, in 2002 and 2003.