Rhys Coiro

Although actor Rhys Coiro has largely worked in television crime dramas and thrillers, he also made memorable appearances in comedy films and television shows in the 2000s. In fact, Coiro's first recurring role was in the America Ferrera comedy "Ugly Betty" as Vincent Bianchi, a fashion photographer whom Betty (Ferrera) bonds with over growing up four blocks away from him in Queens, New York. After "Ugly Betty," Coiro made several appearances in various iterations of the "CSI" franchise, as well as other prime-time crime dramas, including a part as FBI analyst Sean Hillinger on "24." Coiro's most well-known role, however, is as independent film director Billy Walsh in the HBO showbiz series "Entourage," a Mark Wahlberg creation loosely based on Wahlberg's own life, focusing on a contemporary A-list Hollywood actor played by Adrian Grenier and his friends. The character of Billy Walsh was partially inspired by the reputation of eccentric and difficult actor-director Vincent Gallo--Walsh being often comically egomaniacal, insecure, hedonistic, capricious, and yet insistent on expressing what he interprets to be his art.