Richard Blackburn

Richard Blackburn was a big screen film actor known for powerful performances. Early on in his acting career, Blackburn landed roles in various films, including the comedy "Improper Channels" (1979) with Alan Arkin, the drama "The Wars" (1983) with Brent Carver and the comedy "Not For Publication" (1984) with Nancy Allen. He also appeared in "Martha, Ruth & Edie" (1988) with Jennifer Dale, the Helen Slater comedic adventure "Sticky Fingers" (1988) and "Stanley and Iris" (1990). His film career continued throughout the nineties and the early 2000s in productions like the action movie "Murder At 1600" (1997) with Wesley Snipes, the dramatic adventure "Down in the Delta" (1998) with Alfre Woodard and the Omar Epps action picture "In Too Deep" (1999). He also appeared in the comedy "Loser" (2000) with Jason Biggs. Recently, he continued to act in the Anna Paquin romantic comedy "Blue State" (2007) and "Flash of Genius" (2008) with Greg Kinnear. Most recently, Blackburn appeared on "Les Boys - Le Documentaire" (2013).